Matthew 25:40


The first assignment from the Lord, before we even knew it was going to be an actual ministry, was the “Potwin Project”.  A set of grandparents had been given temporary custody of their infant granddaughter.  She was conceived by parents who were addicts to both drugs and alcohol.  She was born with defects too numerous to count.   Between the ages of 1 to 4 she would undergo surgeries on her legs, hips, and gums.  She spent months in a partial body cast and her prognosis to live a normal life was very slim.  Brain function and the ability to speak were not expected.

However, God had a different prognosis!  Like the one in Jeremiah 29:11: where He tells us that the thoughts He has toward us are thoughts of peace and not of evil, and His plan is one of hope.

In order for the grandparents to keep their granddaughter from becoming a ward of the State, they were going to have to upgrade to a 2 bedroom apartment.  Their finances were limited and could not comply.  A prompting of the Holy Spirit moved the hearts of members of our church to devise a plan to enclose their front porch and convert it into a 2nd bedroom.  This could not have happened, if the owner of the apartment building didn’t happen to be a member of Newport Church of God!  The very one who could give us the go ahead for construction! The task was a large one and would take more resources than we had.  That is where “Habitat for Humanity”, who is now a partner with us, came into the mix.  They provided the financing and the volunteers to come along side to bring this assignment to full completion.  The project became the talk of the neighborhood; and one by one the neighbors became involved as well.  Then the merchants in town joined in and began to donate the necessary materials to make this dream a reality.  Finishing touches were administered by the NCOG woman’s ministry, who brought in furniture, curtains, toys, and clothing for this little angel named Tylin.  We passed the city and states inspections with flying colors.  Meanwhile, with intense help from the doctors, a local couple who became co-parents with the grandparents, special education teachers here in Newport, and the public school system, Tylin is flourishing.  She is above average in her studies, walking, talking, and beautiful in every way.  She and her grandparents are now faithful attendees of the church and are assisting in other Matthew 25:40 projects, which is the ultimate goal in every assignment given to us from the Lord.

Since this first project we have engaged in numerous other assignments equally unique and unachievable without the supernatural touch of the Holy Spirit.  This ministry is taking “wet eyes and caring hands” to the streets.  We are bursting out of the four walls of the church building and taking Jesus to the lost and broken.  This ministry is structured with a board of 5 people who pray over each assignment and then move in their giftings to delegate and implement strategies to bring these projects to their destination.  The beauty of this ministry is that it gives everyone, both members of the church and members of the community, the opportunity to be the extension of God’s hands.

Matthew 25:40 is committed to living out the example of Jesus.

We invite all who are interested to experience with us the power of “trading titles for the towel of servant living, and experiencing the authentic joy of living the lifestyle of the Great Commission.”

Yours in His service,

Tim Ingalls

Tylin praying @ NCOG