March 2016

What a Day (PM Service)

From Exaltation to Rejection

Needed Encouragement (PM Service)

What a Friend we have in Jesus

Reconciled to Reconcile (PM Service)

Profiles of Faith

January 2016

A Vision for the Harvest

December 2015

All Dressed Up – and Somewhere’s to Go!

November 2015

Shepherds Joy (PM Service)

It is Well

Profiles of Gratitude (Part 2)

Profiles of Gratitude (Part 1)

How to Handle Opposition to Your Faith

October 2015

How to reconcile a Relationship

August 2015

Serving or Sitting

July 2015

Expecting the Best

What it Means to have Faith (PM Service)

Faith that takes a Lickin’ and keeps on Tickin’

Eyes of Fear, or Eyes of Faith

June 2015